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Hot and spicy buffalo chicken wings at Cousin Vinnie's Family Sports Restaurant
Wet and Dry Buffalo Chicken Wings at Cousin Vinnie's Family Sports restaurant
Chicken wings with a mix of wet sauces and dry rubs
Buffalo Chicken Wing Flavor Heat Index

Chicken Wings Flavors

Wimpy - no heat, a mild Buffalo wing flavor

On the Fence - a little spicy

Bad To the Bone* - the perfect heat

X 6, on a scale from 1 – 10

XX - getting pretty hot now

Burn Your Bottom - usually the next morning!

Purple Heart - for guests who do hot wings!

"Viniegar" - a vinegar tangy Buffalo

Train Wreck* - our #1 seller – garlic, Buffalo & mustard

Garlic - the very best garlic sauce in town!

Garlic Parmesan - garlic wings and grated parmesan cheese

Garlic Buffalo - garlic wings with a drizzle of Buffalo sauce

Teriyaki* - a bourbon-based teriyaki, sweet - not salty!

Teriyaki Jerk - teriyaki wings sprinkled with dry jerk seasoning

Hawaiian - teriyaki based with a twist of pineapple

Hawaiian Jerk - Hawaiian wings with jerk sauce drizzled on it

XX Caribbean Jerk - a spicy island flavor of love

Jamaican Jerk - A 100-year-old recipe straight from jamaica

Raspberry - great on wings, dings, chicken strips & poppers

Wild Mustard - a sweet, tangy, Southern mustard sauce – amazing!

Barbecue - a sweet-savory southern barbecue flavor

XX Hot Barbecue - just like it sounds, pretty spicy!

Bayou Barbecue - Louisiana taste meets up with Texas!

Cajun - shipped in from the swamp lands of Louisiana

XX Frankenstein* - a killer combination of all of our sauces!

XXXX SWOT* - Cousin Vinnie's favorite wing sauce – sweet & hot!

XXX Grand Champion - savory, sweet, spicy, tangy, barbecue flavor

Samurai* - Japanese for "makes a damn good wing sauce too!

Sweet Chili - a sweet and sour sauce with mild red chili flakes

Black-N-Gold - A cajun garlic sauce with blackening seasoning...OMG Good!

Specialty Sauces at Cousin Vinnie's
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Extra Items Call Out Bubble

Dry Seasonings

Cousin Vinnie's Wing Dust - a delightful blend of seasonings especially prepared for poultry

Lemon Pepper - lip smacking' goodness, a spicy citrus flavor

Salt-N-Vinegar - right out of the clubhouse at st. Andrews

Jerk - 19 Caribbean seasonings doing the calypso dance

Old Bay - legendary for its use on seafood & chicken

Frankenstein Dry* - a killer combination of all of our dry seasonings!

Buffalo Chicken Wings at Cousin Vinnie's Family Sports Restaurant, Leesburg FL
Order wings to go and take-out orders
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